Two stories – two anthologies!

My story Not Just Another Daddy’s Girl is out in the Guns and Romances anthology published by Crossroad Press. You can order on Amazon HERE

On October 23, my story Up In The Window will be out in an anthology titled: Onyx Neon Shorts Presents: Horror Collection – 2015. More information about this collection of tales can be found HERE

In other news, I’m working on my third novel – another cozy mystery in the Naked Eye series and have been reading lots of gothic suspense and mystery novels (both old school and recent works) to gather inspiration for future work. To nudge me along, I joined the SISTERS IN CRIME mystery writer organization. Yes, I’m stoking creative fires, tap-tap-tapping away on the keyboard, and allowing my dark imagination to run wild with ideas – that’s the plan for the rest of this year and onward!

My second book in the Naked Eye series is live on Amazon!

Fade to Goth is Part Two of the story begun in Fun is for Shallow People. The tale picks up almost a year later when due to a discovery of new evidence, a solved case is reopened. Detectives Ted and Alexa return to investigate and once again must navigate the manipulative shenanigans of others in order to figure out the real culprit. What has changed for the tight-knit yet scheming group of scenesters? Not just hair color, that’s for sure!

Fade to Goth is available for purchase here:

For those who have not yet read Part One of the story in Fun is For Shallow People, that book is available for purchase here:

Special thanks to these talented friends who worked on the cover concept and design for both books:

Photographer: John Carey
Creative Director and Cover Design: Terrance Graven
Model: Ruby Mae Collins

In other writing news: My short story, Not Just Another Daddy’s Girl will be coming out soon as part of an anthology entitled Guns and Romances. I’m pleased and excited to be included in this collection of stories. Guns and Romances will be released soon through Crossroad Press.

Cities as Entities

Currently, I’m involved in a few inspiring projects and while focused on one of them, I needed to take a stroll through my writing archives to find a specific piece from a while ago as I recalled that it contained concepts I am working with, creatively. I found the piece, read it, and decided to revise/refine it a bit and post it here.

* * *
Cities are Entities. They live, breathe, and vibrate with currents and undercurrents that are human and infrastructural, and connected. Boundaries are clearly marked, yet there are also subtle or intangible indications of boundary, and not merely because the landscape alters or a sign informs. Neighborhoods can be likened to organs. Streets, boulevards, and avenues to arteries, nervous systems, neural pathways, and other such living body imagery.

A sort of symbiotic relationship exists between a city and its inhabitants. The age of a place, its history, the legends and lore, and the geographic components all contribute to or take away from the essence of a city. Weather, regional quirks, memories of traumatic experiences, or other specific issues with which the populace is grappling can cause discordance between an individual and the city in which they live.

How does a favorite city feel to you? How does its history (or lack of it) influence you? If your current city is home or a transitional place, do you love it, dislike it, or are you ambivalent? Why?

Many things change as we grow older and sometimes where we have put down roots, however temporary, is no longer appealing or it no longer works for or with us. Gradually, a new or completely different place begins to beckon. We might plan to return to a former home city or town because it now seems comfortable and inviting. Or we are drawn to take a chance in a city that feels like home from the moment we visit.

Where do you think you want to end up? And how will you know when you get there?